even pay such a HUGE amount like that back? I wonder if we took all the circulating money in the economy right now and added that up, if it would even equal up to that much?
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Finally someone asks one of the really important questions, not just for US but the whole world. Thank you!

I'm no fiscal expert.

But my personal view is that each one of has to start living within our income.

At the start that means living on less than the income, in order to pay, say 10% per payday towards getting rid of debt. If the debt is too great we need to work harder, longer or smarter, and sell what we don't need. On top of that, we still need to care for dependants properly. We need to think and behave like our grandparents during the great depression -- home cooking with whole fresh foods, insulation, solar power and hot water, avoid waste, re-use, recycle, improvise, choose cheaper options, grow vegies, walk and cycle - it also makes us healthier.

I've been doing it for four years now, and have been amazed at how possible it is to live very well on a fraction of the former income, just by learning and applying every bit of common sense.

As for our governments, they need to do the same thing -- which does bother me, because for some people that is so impossible that they would miss out, and that would ultimately cost the whole nation... so I think there's a good argument that social services should stay for those who need it... and instead cut down on armaments, NASA and war.

Maybe also;

stop lending money that others can't afford to pay back,

regulate big business and banking, and close their loop holes,

change the attitude that profit is the only way to create a successful economy; a better way is balance and fairness.

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Thoughtful opinions.

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Hi Lizee,

What is the source of your number? Also, we have lived "off of borrowed money" before.

During WWII (1941-1945--for those who are intellectually challenged), we piled up huge debts in order to fund the war effort against Germany and Japan. Those debts were not completely paid off until the 1960's, if I recall correctly. Still, the nation survived. If we had attempted to fight the war on a pay-as-you-go basis, it would have ended very quickly--with our defeat.

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the national debt clock

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It seems to be a ludicrous situation when almost the entire planet is deep in debt, and are desperately trying to find ways of paying eachother back!! Pushing austerity packages on the population when the various governments waste vast sums of money on nothing of much use to anyone beggars belief !!

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Unjust solutions cannot secure justice.

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This is really a very hard question.

Because of this, it is much easier

to threathen people with doomsday seems

easier than inspiring hope and happiness.

The net is more amplified with alarm and

panic than with calm thinking and solving problems.

It seems that nobody can have the wise and final answer.

I have no direct opinions about this matter,

because my main study and activity is not

concerned with finance, war, economy...or anything

else concerning the temporary existence of the body.

Here are some of my thoughts concerning a better world:

1. Economic problems should be visualized as spiritual problem

like all othe matters concerning human life.

2. True knowledge to solve problems must be found in all

educational systems: physical, human and divine; particularly

divine education.

3. No schools, no organizations, no institutions.... can provide mankind

this direect education and training. Each and all individual should rush out

for it at any siurce of knowledge, especially the Internet.

4. The more people turn to spirituality, the better the conditions will change;

otherwise we may have to suffer drastic results before complete awakening.

5. Suggesting that leaders of education, leaders of thoughts, leaders of policy making....should awake themselves earliest and join hands (in typing),

and join mouth (in calling) people to stop rushing on the destructive path

and making change for themselves before they can help others.

Yes, this answer of mine is a loud and responsible call'

and I know the response will depends on myriads of reasons, motives

and pretexts...

Finall each individual is responsible for his own destiny!

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we need hitler

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No, we need the Lord Buddha.

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You should watch a film called "zeitgeist".......In effect what happens is the government is loaned money by the central bank AT INTEREST.....But the money to cover the interest is never created.....There for the loan can never be repaid.

So the whole system is set up too collapse every now and then....Just like 1929 and the most recent one.......And all the time the banks foreclose and gain property and assets....Making the rich even richer. While keeping the poorer in constant danger of going broke.....Or having to work for lower wages to try and keep there head above debt.

I know it sounds crazy........But do your own research......Ask your own questions......And find the truth.

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I've heard of it. Haven't gotten around to watching it. I'm almost scared to lol.

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Do not be is just information.....It presents it with out favour to governments or religion.
And you do not have to believe what it says.

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Well i`m from the U.K And the film is about the U.S.
So i did have to dig around and find out things for myself.

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No movies can reflect the whole problem.

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True.....But give people facts.....And if they have a curious mind....They will continue searching for answers.

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QE3 money is coming soon!! Our future's children and even us are ruined.

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You know it :(

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Merika....where they should start learning Chinese if they want to keep their lousy jobs...

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lol. I do honestly think they will own us one day, if they don't already.

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In 1948 the national debt was 30% of GDP. It is now about 17%.

They just want you give it all up for them.And then we can have another war!

Gee, it's fun.

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After some checking around I found out that this has been going on since The Civil War and that's far too long. Today we are involved with China because we owe them a huge chunk of that 1 trillion and they're currently occupying Tibet.

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16 trillion, to give some perspective, exceeds the number of stars in our galaxy. I don't see any way of repaying it and Obama was responsible for creating much of it so to his apologists I say HA! Not that that helps anyone.

The corporations are sitting on cash they squeezed out of us for "profits" in a comparable amount. I say it's time for Capitalism to be replaced as only corporations flourish under it and THEY AREN'T PEOPLE!!! Start by stripping the companies of their bail out gotten gains and cancel the personal debts the actual people have.

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Nope. YOUR fu ked lady. Got anything sharp ?

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