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I'm not a homophobe but I should remind everyone before others answer. There is a difference between "Homophobe" and "Anti-Gay"

A Homophobe is a person who has an irrational fear of the same gender, who is homosexual, to flirt or touch them in any way and it's understandable. There are plenty of LGBT members who go to bars or dances and try to get with a straight person, which leads to a bunch of bad, negative attention such as fighting.

An Anti-Gay is a person who hates everyone, no matter what race, religion, personality - based on the fact that they are homosexual. They use the bible as a reference, as a shield and "proof" of their hate and why homosexuals are "wrong". They're the ones who say that it's a disease or a disorder and need to be put away and "corrected".

Two very different things, in both very different ways.

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they would be less homophobic if liberal dogma didn't naively attempt to equate homosexuality with heterosexuality as if they are exactly the same thing

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because I'm a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning. Oh never mind....

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