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If you are part of a couple, What constitutes Being Controlling ?
compassionateear compassionateear 46-50 4 Answers Mar 25, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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Making Unreasonable actions/demands on the following:<br />
invasion of partner's privacy<br />
control choice of apparel<br />
control type of friends to make<br />
financial aspect<br />
control what hobbies (recreational activities) to take up<br />
food choices (citing partner's food choices as unhealthy in their opinion)<br />
family (usually bad mouthing them)<br />
using excuses such as if you love me.... blah blah blah you will give in.... you will not mind me checking.... etc....

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I had a friend whose boyfriend controlled her, and I am talking checking her phone,messages,email,facebook,her purse, he had all her passwords and checked every transaction she made. She was manipulated into thinking that he was only looking out for her.

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U can't where it out

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