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most cheap clothes are copies of designers clothes just make sure you check that the fabric is natural and it is the same.

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it depends on who I'm is possible to feel amazing in the cheapest of clothes,

however, if you end up with a very snobby, upper-class crowd then you may feel a little insecure, although your cheap clothes may look nicer than their branded items (cuz a huge proportion of the high end clothes look really tacky despite the famous name or insane price, and the quality ain't that perfect either).

dunno, what do you think? :)

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I don't know. I wear ordinary stuff. Just wonder what it feels like to where tailor made stuff or couture. One must feel so grand!

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yeah, i own only a few nicely fitting things (not from super expensive brands though), and it always feels amazing to wear something like that, makes you feel like you actually own something, or are a CEO :D

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