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No one can describe Heaven.

Nothing can be compared to Heaven.

It is sweeter than kids' laughters.

It is more beautiful than the Hanging Garden

of Old Babylon.

It is brighter than all human virtues.

It is greater than the combination of all universes.

It is beyond all time and space.

It is the Love of God that man gradually dsicovers

on his spiritual and eternal journey.

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bed room..

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I think heaven is more personal than billions of people from different ages spending time together playing harps etc. i think if heaven exists it should be something personal. like people who absolutely love reading should have an eternity inside a library with all known books. or someone who loves the ocean would live on a boat or eternally be inside the water. subjective heaven is what i think.

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I don't think of Heaven as a physical place,but a state of being.It is returning to the infinite life source we came from,that we know as God,the scope and beauty,like really understanding the concepts of infinite and eternal,beyond our mortal ability to comprehend.

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something far beyond the standards of earth

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Everybody dressed in white, playing harps, singing hymns.

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