trying to fit into his world , trying to make him happy, trying to encourage him, always being ther for him, i sould have ended this relationship after our son was born he is selfish, although he say he has given his life to others well yes its true but i stoped my life for you and i still find myself waiting for you to call because you cant do much while your so ill, and then you look at me and say why arnt you living your goals you selfish jerk im there for you because you need someone,and what for ? you dont want to be around our son ,you never touch me , your really not all that nice , you cant even say anything nice about me , i have gone way out of my way for you and it has broken me so bad that i have never seen any one take take and take and all you have to say is why am i not filling my goals, why am i not the perfect job professional woman that you want so bad, well this woman is broken right now go find that woman dwaine shes out there somewhere im sure, this woman is broken hearted and sees now that people just take and take but dont ever give

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