Vikusha Vikusha 16-17 7 Answers Aug 22, 2008

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I would have been born rich and ugly instead of so poor and handsome.

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I am not sure that I would change anything. My lessons are learned through my my short coming. I am who I am because of my experience.

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hey..this is such a nice questiOn..hehehe..

hmm..if i could change something, it would be my answers on my test papers which was taken just's because the teachers gave us test questions which had nothing to do with the stuffs that i's really depressing...there's a possibility that i'll flunk..and now that i know the correct answers, i wish i could change my wrong answers...

but anyway..i'm okay now..i've recovered myself..hehehe:)..

i know that changing my answers wont happen because it's just unrealistic..besides, it wont make me happy...

i dont want to take any exams right now..


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I would have more money. I am tired of suffering and barely getting by. I want to thrive!!!!!!

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I would be thin and feel attractive and sexy. That is just for me, so that feels selfish! I guess the most constructive thing I would change for my entire family would be that alcoholism would not exist. Barring that, alcohol would not exist. The reason? My oldest brother, my sister, my favorite aunt, and my husband all became alcoholics.

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