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If I could invent something, it would have been the wheel (or tire) with a big fat patent on it.

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A means to utilise all of our brain capacity.

Then we really WOULD be able to work smarter and not just harder.

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We may even not have to work at all ;)

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Paper shirts.

NO wait....

They would be terrible.

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A brush with a tube as a handle, so you can squeeze out soap and water through the bristles. Easier to bathe dogs with thick fur.

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#1. Already kinda mentioned but it would be great to have an invention that realizes the potential of the human brain.

#2. From here, I guess we would be smart enough to create more inventions to further extend the mind beyond its natural context.

#3. Its currently not feasible to suggest what would follow from here considering my brain is still at the primitive stage 0 of human advancement. Only human brains that are at stage 2 (use technology to not only realize their brains potential but also extend it beyond its natural context) will have the opportunity to elaborate on what could be fathomed here.

Other inventions in the context of my primitive stage 0 human brain?

#1. Create a magic health pill = no more diseases/sicknesses (psychological/physical/cognitive etc) and/due (to) constant state of health

#2. Increase the concentration of the feeling that is created from pleasurable experiences, while decreasing the need to want more or otherwise increasing the amount of satisfaction to the point of contentment.

#3. Food/drink pill = Never need to eat/drink, unless it is just out of pleasure

#4. Sleep pill = Never need to sleep

#5. Happiness pill = Self explanatory, nevertheless, the effects would last as long as you wanted them to (some people appreciate the idea that happiness, although a highly sought after commodity, is just one human emotion among the many interesting ones)

#6. Morality pill = everyone is dosed with a morality pill in order to drive the development of a productive conscience.

#7. Critical thinking pill = Mandatory pill which makes all people only commit to excellent critically thought-out choices.

#8. Motivation pill = Mandatory pill which results in everyone in the population having and sustaining extreme levels of motivation without fatigue.

So let me get this straight! So far, theoretically speaking, we don't need to eat/drink, sleep, worry about our health (physical and mental), people have the choice of being constantly happy and we have the whole population highly motivated to only committing to decisions which are 'morally right' and critically thought out. Sounds like some kind of nirvana, no?

What on earth would be the direction of the human race if all this were the case? My guess is that there would only be one place to reach, the stars.

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The Star Trek transporter., put the airlines out of business.

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Windshield-wipers for spectacles, helpful when you're walking in the rain.;)

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no regrets after forbidden sex pills

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Start with no pregnancy or disease---there would be fewer regrets, anyway.

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okay dear

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The Summer Glau Terminator from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles :D

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The means to feed the planet for little cost and negative impact on the planet.

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anti-gravity board.... I'd be rich and go down as one of the coolest historical figures since marty mcfly!

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I would invent a handheld detector for ticks on dogs, something they do at the airports. I would be able to run this over my dog when bringing her.

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