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Are we talking unlimited time travel abilities here? Because there are so many things I would like to do, and I won't compromise on possibilities!

I'd like to travel several millenia into the future to see if humanity has managed to pull its collective head out of its ******* or whether the pathocrats have successfully ensured the early demise of society and the planet.

I'd like to travel back to the Biblical period in Jerusalem and witness the apparent 'birth of Christ' with my own eyes. Even if I couldn't speak the language, I'd just love to get an impression as to what actually happened then, because I refuse to believe it is pure fabrication, but I know people have a way of being liberal with historical records.

Time paradoxes aside, I'd like to go back in time a few years and meet my younger self and spend some time with him for a while. I'd like to provide support and guidance to myself during highschool and my mid-teens in a way nobody else could. Maybe it's for the best I had to become stronger, though...

I'd like to spend a day or two in medieval England to get a sense for the culture and lifestyle and see how it changed over time.

So many possibilities... they are but a few.

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I'd go back to my past, find myself and push myself in front of a train. No, just kidding...

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i'd go to the PAST !!!

i wanna wipe away many people from my memory, i wanna be less kind to the people that hurt me and i forgave them !!!, i just wanna end the pain that i kept to myself because of them :(

about the future,, it's coming anyway and i can wait for it

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I would definetly go to my past and change all of the mistakes ive done.

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If I could travel through time I would travel to the present. The past and future do not interest me.

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the future,definitely.

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Go into the future !

My past had nothing pleasant..

but My future would definitely have ..

So, I love Excitement, Exploring, Chalenging ...

And someone is waiting for me :)

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the past, i'd like to see the kings and queens of yester-year. to be specific i'd go back to eliazbethian england. Shakespere, one of the strongest Queen's that england has ever had sounds like fun to me XD

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