Why and why not. Dont take this question as horrible because when you think about it. You know inside someones asking the same question somewere.
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I don't have a religion.

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If you listen to some idiots out there atheism is a religion.

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I do wish all religious leaders would disappear. I honestly hate them, they are sick power-lusting mind-abusers. And I feel sorry for religious people's cowardliness. But I only have my human words to fight that way of thinking, I will not pretend I'm right because the big guy said so and I read it in a book.

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I wouldn't because I knew I couldn't.

It is God that convinces all by His boundless love

which I don't have while still sinning myself.

He commands that I should teach His Cause,

but not with coercion, imposition, proletization.

My teaching work is merely simple introduction

that the Holy Spirit already appeared again

to lead mankind to a higher global civilization.

If people don't hear about this, it is my fault;

if they know and the don't accept it is no

longer my responsibility.

This is already hard enough for me. People today,

especially the young ones, are really allergic with

religious wars, with superstitions, with corrupted

priesthood.... which are all really hard to clarify.

Therefore, I only propose that my acquaintants

should themselves read the Holy Books to distinguish

the Truth of God from man's fabrications throughout

history and see the fruit of the divine Tree only with their

own eyes.

Through my introduction, many people have accepted

this new and eternal Faith, and I know that it is not

by my human power, but by the omnipotence of God.

Wishing you success in your search and attainment.

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Sure, make everyone atheists and remove about 50% of the reason for the world's violence.

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No. That violates free will.

The most I could hope for is that through my actions, they might want to share my beliefs because of the impact its had in my life. I wouldn't never want anyone forced to believe.

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I wish I could make everyone question all religion and dogma. I wish that everyone would believe nothing and question everything.

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Like a magic thing? Meaning that they would believe it for real like how I believe in it? Yes I would, because I want everyone to be on the right track and be in heaven.

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OK I am going to say that : Since I like to see that every single person walking on the right path , the right way so I would like to share them things that I think are true and good as much as I like them to share me what they truly think is true and good but I also believe that none is allowed to obligate or force anyone to believe his beliefs or faiths .

So I try to tell them what I think but I NEVER force anyone to think the way I think

By the way and concerning such things you can explore my new growing experience about this if you like , just type on the search box "I wtk why you chose your religion or why you didn't chose any "

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If I COULD - which of course, I cannot?

The world would be a much better place. My religion trusts you and expects you to know yourself and face the consequences of your own decisions. You would learn from first-hand experience that you cannot escape your consequences, so you may as well learn to make those consequences satisfying. As you treat others (as you use the invisible hand), it will come back to you (so be careful about the invisible foot attached to it).

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Absolutely not.

To me the whole essence of spirituality it that it depends on personal choice and commitment.

There is no way to force some one to grow spiritually,

and to even attempt it would destroy one's own.

In history, when attempts to force faith are made, such as depriving, persecuting, torturing or killing those who refuse to believe, the only result is a lot of people pretending and acting out the faith on a public level.

This is idiotic.

The first foundations for spiritual and/or psychological growth must be truth & love.

Different people better fit different spiritual paths.

If someone is interested, I will either inform them of the basics, or point them to a good website which explains.

With friends I make mention occasionally, but only as a part of getting to know one another better.

I am atheist and Buddhist. In an ideal world, I would have science taught in the classroom, and let parents educate faith at home or in their spiritual congregations.

Buddhism is not a religion but an experiential practise, and has never been evangelical. People are either attracted, or not.

A horse seeks its own water when thirsty.

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No. My mother pressed her religion onto me. She was Christian and I'm wiccan.

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No being varied and different gives us new views and ideas to work with and I may be wrong so why not give other ideas a chance

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Never, never. I actually like to hear opinions and ideas that differ from mine all the time. I mean what if I am wrong? There is a possibility that I am wrong and I would hate to live a life that is so limited that I have never discovered or experienced anything else.

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Eh. religion is a bad word to me... it makes it easier for people to categorize themselves.... but even if i could... i'm sure poeple would still break down my personal religion into it's own category... so to answer your question no... I'd rather them all to just be accepting and understanding of others...

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No. The nature of my faith is that people have to choose that sort of thing on their own.

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Absolutely not.

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Yes, definitely because if it wasn't true, then it shouldn't be believed. If I didn't think this way then I don't have any faith in it. If it's true, than all should believe it.

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Agreed but there is know one who really knows what is true and what is not.

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Actually, that's not true. If all relgious texts would not lend themselves to investigation and could not be falsified, then you'd be right. However, some religions do lend themselves this way. Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism all lend themselves to investigation. It is possible to investigate them historically and to decide when one is doubtful and when one is not. Then we could end up with one that really seems trustworthy and come to a conclusion. I for one would be very happy to learn that I'll live beyond my own body's decay.

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You got to exsplane that more im sorry im not to good with big words lol.

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Read Christian Apologetics. A good one to start is the Case For Christ by Lee Strobel.

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Most of the "History" in the bible doesn't fit with archaeological findings. There's no evidence the Jews were slaves of Egypt, and many of the miracles jesus did other gods did previously. Also you'd have to research all texts through history. Such as the apocrypha, other cultures' records, and of course view them all objectively, which is something religious people are not very good at.

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Such criticisms only last so long among scholars until they are dispelled, even by atheists.

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