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Respecting your freedom to choose your beliefs is different than respecting your beliefs. I can not respect false beliefs (Hindu, Buddha, Islam), and I don't belive God wants me to. However, I should respect your freedom to choose.

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You are completely right.

Mutual love and mutual respect is great

principle of our time.

In expressing any opinions, we better consider them

as a sharing, a conversation, an exchange of views,

and not at all as criticism or counselling.

The mature humanity will make the best choice,

and we will all meet in that excellent choice,

which is no longer a guess, an imitation or imposition.

We all have great instruments for self-education,

self-dicipline and self-realization; without subordinating

or dominating any other individuals.

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but, mine are right!?

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What if is my belief is to disrespect the beliefs of other people ?

or what if it is my belief that people should automatically kiss my A$$ with out question?

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don't necessarily need or want their respect.....ok ??

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If they believe that women are livestock, and homosexuals should be hung, things like this. I have no respect for their beliefs/

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It all depends if you think that if you jump off a 10 story building that you will peacefully float down like a beautiful butterfly and then everyone will hug trees all day because your so magnificent...


You'll jump and splatter all over the cement and everybody will scream, "OH ****!"

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what is others respect worth really?

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I don't require anyone's respect.

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