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lattenilla lattenilla 26-30 5 Answers Jan 26, 2011

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Lightheaded after a morning of lots of water might be due to lack of carbohydrates. You body needs energy and water has none.

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No, unless you are an athlete or a laborer and sweat away a lot, then you would be drinking Gatorade or something like it, to replenish lost electrolytes. Otherwise we generally get enough salt through the foods we eat.

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well do you belive you should be drinking 2 liters of water a day?<br />
because this is the most miss-quoted "fact"<br />
<br />
It comes from a report in the 50`s. which says.<br />
"the human body requires about 2 liters of water a day.<br />
However upto 90% of this can come from foodstuffs"<br />
My opinion. if you want a drink have one. you want a lil extra salt do it.<br />
Trust your knows what its doing!

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