And that person may shout at you for random stuff (but you didn't do anything wrong?) is it counted as bullying? and you guys aren't fighting. The person has bullied you once in the past, but you forgave them. [I am going through it]
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No I haven't. But it comes across to me as mental and verbal abuse by this man/woman.

If I was being treated this way.

I would pack my bags quickly and leave if it was a relationship.

If it was just a friend.....I'd be saying farewell for ever.

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Thank you, I suppose this would be for the best, for me :)

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Yes, abusers never stop abusing. Nobody deserves to be a whipping post or a door mat to another.
People are only treated badly by others, if they give them permission to.

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I'll keep that in mind. I've always given in, and I suppose that's why I'm always hurt. Thank you :)

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Oh! I thought I was responding to a much older person.
Ok! find better friends then.

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I'll kick him/her on the back .......................... simple manner give respect take respect

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No........ and yes:D lol could be bi-polar thingy or else he/she has a lot going wrong in her or his life.

I would tell them how I feel, but only after I run away first.

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Do nothing...wait for that person to share with me what is he going through..if he doesn't turn up..will ask him

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