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If I had it now and had to use it now I'd wish to keep the other 2 for when I really need them

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1. perfect health

2. for all violent abusers (of anybody) to vanish mysteriously

3. a magical bottomless picnic basket.

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A continual supply of wishes...then I'd get to work on changing the World into equality for all

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i really would wish for world peace, an end to world poverty and hunger and to have my bike radically customised. hey !!! two out of three aint bad !!! xx

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1. just to maintain this set of mind i am in

2. to be brave to face anything in life i desire

3. to be able to return the favor to that lamp

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1) Immortality.

2) An ever-lasting relationship with the girl I'm in love with.

3) Gaining a fortune - then use the money on cutting-edge scientific research.

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1. Find me my man i lost on the beach

2. Build my my dream-house

3. Get me study medicine in one year!!!

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Wish #1 to live forever young and healthy

Wish #2 to have all the genie lamps their is

Wish #3 if wish number 2 doesn't work ill wish for every time I reach into a pocket that when I take my had out of the pocket to have 100 real U.S dollor bills

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1 have my own magical cottage thats covered in technicolor vines out in the distant aristocritique heaven

2 that random items were considered legal tender

3 that it wasnt illegal to run around naked outside and that i could just be myself without anyone judging me even if im not talking (thats still not gunna stop me)

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I really just need 2 of the wishes. First I'd wish for everyone on the planet to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Then I'd wish for Jesus to return and that's really all we need. But wait!! A genie can't save people! There's only one way to the Father and that's through Jesus Christ - the truth, the life and the way. So I don't even need little wishes from a genie because I HAVE JESUS!!! :)

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