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Nothing to wish.......let me die and rest in peace!!!!

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Why you don't wanna live

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I wanna challenge new experience lol just wanna see lucifer in person. No one can be immortal. All passions, especially greed make you want to live a long life.

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Wish that I would not die and wish for 1,000 more wishes! :)

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I would wish that all polution in the world would disappear so my family and theirs would have fresh air to breath.

I would wish that instead of going to war leaders of the countries would be pushed into a WWE ring where they would have to fight it out with pillows.

I would wish that such diseases and Illness such dementia, arthritis and cancer be eradicated.

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Wish One: Abrogate Creationism.

Wish Two: Methodologically instill Rothbardian Anarchism/ Laissez Faire Capitalism.

Wish Three: Engender a responsible populace.

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