but feel like its awesome? but you get to hot, and you have to many feelings that you think your gonna die? cause your mind is not used to this feeling?
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I recall when I quit smoking some 3 years ago , I used to feel light headedness. When I walk , it used to feel I am totally disoriented. The doc told me that due to the 'cold turkey ' quitting which I did, the BP dropped and my body was making adjustments. I used to feel very drowsy and lethargic.

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I feel exactly the same! just worse lol, i have VERY high blood pressure, and i think its caused by smoking cigarettes, i used to be an athlete and startet to smoke cigarettes, and i could feel my heart rate increase rapidly! ty, love from here! I just hope its normal that i feel warm and all these strange feelings when i quit smoking for less than 1 day! i dont feel my heartbeat when i quit smoking, but the feelings is just intense! its just my body repairing?

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