What are the pros and cons when comparing where to moved to where you had moved from?
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I moved from San Fran to the DC suburbs whe I was five, so I'm going to give you weird little kid differences that I remember because that's what I remember:

1) lightning happens- this may sound like an odd thing to say but my five year old mind was blown at how often we had thunderstorms. That hits on a broader point obviously which is climate. It has much more of an impact on your daily life and happiness than I think people account for, so don't dismiss it in picking a place to relocate to.

2) teachers have to be called by their last names- HUGE revelation in my young world, but again hits on something important, formality. It's very different on the east coast, and varies by where you are on the East Coast as well. Expect more formality in EVERYTHING that you do, from business meetings to ordering a sandwich.

3) Where's mommy? Not as clear as some of the others but this is a reference to work hours. There almost always more rigid and earlier over here.

4) we can DRIVE to grandmas? One of the coolest pluses to the East Coast is how close everything is. You can take a bus with wifi from DC to NYC for $10 and get there in four hours. Phillis only about 2:15 from both. Montreal is doable over a four day weekend of you're based in Manhattan. There's a lot to see and do in a geographically small area, which to me is awesome.

Hope that helps!

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West coast very liberal but causes too many rules which makes it conservative. Taxes too high. illegals get tuition assistance so it makes it hard for citizens to get in colleges. Good restaurants. East coast, scenery not as appealing, less rules, people more pleasent.

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I found people to be more friendly on the west coast, slower pace of life than in the east. If I could move out west again, I would in a heartbeat and I'm from the eastcoast lol

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Two different worlds completely. I moved from Northern California to Northern Virginia. Left coast: layed back, nice people (but a bit chauvanistic), easy going, free spirited. Right coast: conservitive, stick up the butt, don't laugh, don't smile, don't enjoy life.

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I grew up on the east coast but currently live on the west coast. The people on the west coast (California) are arrogant, rude a55holes . . . I my opinion. It is way overpriced here; we have the highest gas prices even though California produces oil and refines it. To register a car is usually $200+ a year (unless it's old). Everything is GO, GO, Go, Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!!!

It's cool to visit but don't stay!

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