1.) Was Alex and Keller trying to protect the woman who kidnapped them? 2.) Why did she kill all the other children but keep Alex and Keller alive? 3.) Was Alex really just being stubborn or was he really just mentally challenged? 4.) Why would Keller bother going to the candle service? 5.) Why should he have to go to jail for torturing Alex when Alex was clearly helping? 6.) Do you think he was found in the hole while blowing the whistle? 7.) Will the girls mention the hole so they find him? 8.) What was the deal with the snakes? Did the husband collect them? These are the things that confused me...
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Another question- why does Bobby sneak into both houses and take clothing of the 2 girls, buys a pig head, puts the blood on the clothes, then puts them in the crate with snakes. It's like he was framing himself. Yet Holly said she had forgotten about Bobby, who got away. So he wasn't helping her.

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I thought Holly said her son died from cancer.

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I'm confused as well.

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but i don't get it why are they kidnaping children from the start is it because they want people to lose faith in god as she said she wants to drive the parents crazy ????? why is she doing it what's the point or is it because her child (Holly) disappeared ? and that scene when alex was hurting the dog while peeing wtf was that ?? i don't get it then he just left him,,, and what about when they found joy and keller was talking to her in the hospital and she told him you were there what did she mean then he just left running out of the hospital ? what did joy mean u were there ??? plz some explains :( and shouldn't alex hate holly how could he live with her as an aunt ?

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The 'aunt' and her husband (the body in the priests house) had set out on this 'quest' "against God" for the very reason that their own son died from cancer.. something they blamed God for, never got over and sought revenge against god for this

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How is everybody forgetting about the woman with the video tapes.

Her son was abducted.

If you look closely to the newspaper at the end, it says "son and mother reunited"

Alex is that son

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watch it again. its pretty self explanatory …..if that doesn't work then research stockholm syndrome. it becomes the norm for most kidnap victims.

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I won't pretend this is a perfect film, but it is far better plotted than people are giving it credit for, if perhaps a little more complicated than needed:

1 - Alex and Keller? If you mean Alex and Bobby, then no they are not trying to protect anyone. Alex is damaged through the abuse and drugging, and he is mentally challenged. There is one moment where he harms an animal, which is intended not to suggest, as some would have it, that he is accomplice, but rather to show a learned behaviour; abused can often be turned abuser and this is a hint at that. Bobby is essentially driven mad by what happened to him and his own inability to reconcile it, hence his behaviour and obsession with the unsolvable maze he was told, as were all the childen, that if he could solve it he would be released.

2 - Alex is her "son" and a good tool for luring children. Bobby escaped.

3 - Answered in question 1

4 - Really kind of answered in question 1

5 - Why go to jail for torture? Really?

6 - What do you think? That is what the film ask us

7 - Who knows? Do they remember?

8 - One of the most obscure parts of the film, certainly, and whilst unnecessary, it is, for a careful viewer, still something that makes sense. Recall the story about the accident their son had with snakes? How her husband kept them? How they found dead snakes all over the place at the end? Now think about the answer to your questions regarding Bobby. Why might he have snakes? You should have your answer now :)

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Keller is the name of Hugh Jackman's character. The name of the young man with the snakes is Bob (or Bobby).

1) Alex was abducted as a child and was given so many spiked drinks as a captive, he lost a lot of mental capacity. As they say early on, he has the I.Q. of a 10 year old. Bobby was only captive for 3 weeks, as he escaped. He was also drugged for the majority of his capture, causing him to not remember the entire incident. This is why as an adult he collects childrens clothes, buries child dolls and draws mazes all over his walls. He is trying to reenact the kidnapping. If you notice, all the mazes he draws are only half complete, referencing his ability to only figure out half the puzzle. This is why the incident goes unreported.

2) She (Holly) kept Alex alive because he was the first child her and her husband abducted, and he was to replace their son who either died or just went missing. He became their new son, telling everyone he was a relative whose parents died unfortunately. Holly did not keep Bobby alive, he just escaped after 3 weeks.

3) Alex was really mentally challenged. This is explained in the end of the film by his constant intake of the spiked drink, causing him mental problems.

4) Bobby went to the candle service because throughout the movie he was fascinated with his abduction, constantly trying to reenact and be involved. He could never figure it out, but was haunted and probably also mentally disfigured by it.

5) Regardless of Alex helping solve the crime at the hands of Keller, it was still very illegal what he did, and everyone is equal under the law.

6) We don't know for sure whether Keller was found at the end of the movie. I personally think they left this open to us for our interpretation. The theme of the entire film is that everyone is somehow made a prisoner, no matter how good the motives are, you are always imprisoning another. Example, Holly and her husband's child goes missing so they think it is right to kidnap other children because of what happened to them. They imprison the children. Keller imprisons Alex, which he thinks is the right thing to do. The priest imprisons and kills Holly's husband, which he thinks is the right thing to do, and in the end the Cop imprisons Keller, which he thinks is the right thing to do as he is a man of the law.

7) We don't know if the girls will mention the hole. They were also heavily drugged while in captivity. We know that is a possibilty, but we don't know what happens to Keller.

8) The only thing I remember from the film about the snakes is that Holly says her real child, the one who went missing, had an accident involving snakes. It might have had something to do with her husband. This one im unsure about.

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