I have some college education, no degree and didn't graduated so do I just list my high school education? I'm not currently attending school EDIT: So since I dropped out of college do I just put the year I attended?
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As someone who has hired many people over the years -- NEVER Lie. Take the time to consider all of your education, experiences, and qualifications and then consider how those relate to the specific job for which you are applying.

Do not allow yourself to get wrapped around the axle over terminology or titles. Translate the terminology and titles of one company, school, etc. into language the other company can understand. For example, jobs and job titles in the military have no direct correlation to most civilian titles or jobs, but many of the functions are the same. Do some research and compare functions to functions and required skills to required skills, not job title to job title.

If I am hiring a position that does not require a college degree, having or not having the degree has no great value to me and will mean little or nothing in whether or not I hire you and for how much. Conversely, if you have taken courses in accounting and finance and I am hiring you to do accounting and finance functions, those course have value, stand in your favor in my hiring decision, and may result in me offering you more money than had you not taken those courses.

A few other consideration: the school you attended, how long ago, and why you left without completing the program. Lets say five years ago you went to community college and dropped out after three semesters. If you honestly did so because you were immature but you have since worked and become more mature, admitting what happened may turn a weakness into a strength.

Finally, you must expect that an employer may check on anything or everything you told them in you application and more. Almost all companies now check college transcripts, perform criminal checks, some perform credit checks, etc.

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Just Lie.

Tell em any old shii.

They never check up anyway.

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Yes, but be honest

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Hey I put on my resume that I help put up the Christmas tree.

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Put how many hours you completed on there and if you are currently attending school let them know that as well.

Lying on a resume is a short path to losing your job when the truth is found out. And the truth has a way of coming out.

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Yes, put any and all education on your resume. But I disagree about what they said about lying.

Be honest on your resume or it will come back to bite you in the butt, in one way or the other..

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Devinitely put on your resume ALL the education you have.

Tell them that you intend to continue going to school part time and are willing to take classes that will make you more useful to the company...sort of like peza said, just lie LOL.. After you get the job---no one is going to remember what you said.

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Only if your still attending college or got some kind of degree.

You don't your potential job thinking you dropped out.

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