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I'd sock away about 500k into cep and live off the interest. The rest I'd give away because it'd be nothing but a giant tax bill every year. Life would be a little more stress free which is always beneficial to one's health.

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wow, i would pay my house, pay my bills, buy a car, travel, come back home fix it , buy new furniture, and then i would invest properly to make sure i was taken care of ..

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First, I'd become debt-FREE,

Upgrade/renovate & decorate my home,

Invest some,

Save most.

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Before or after the various greedy politicians took half?

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I would buy a house and put money away for my kids.

I would to my family and then I would donate some to different organizations.

For my house, I think it would have to have alot of land so my kids would have space to play and I could adopt some dogs :)

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Pave the streets in our town, pay off all of my debts, give God His share, maybe buy a few acres of land on the edge of town; Then there is the police department, the schools, the EMTS, the hospital, the fairboard, and the needy. If I was careful I could do a lot with it over a period of time. I would only use the interest, not the pricipal, so I would be able to do all of the above plus.

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I'd buy whatever I wanted. Hmmm my life would be the life I've always'd dreamed of. Not having to work would be the biggest. Notice I said not HAVING to work. Love D

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Wow. Hard to say what I would do.

Perhaps rub it in to those who dumped me.

Go somewhere else and start again.

And last but not lease, FTW

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