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....would NEVER turn you in - what would you do the day everything had been found out - and traced right back to you - and it not only affected your present but your future because your job is the exact SAME thing you used for EVIL?...and in the process hurt a child by stealing not only her xbox games, the memory cubes, but exchanged her brand new XBox Console with a crappy used one you got on AMAZON? huh DavMiraKylUkey????? you think it would make you stop.....and do you THINK you MIGHT EVEN TRY AND RIGHT WHAT YOU HAD WRONGED AGAINST THESE PEOPLE?......or would you rather wait it out and get arrested and lose your job, future, etc?
tornadodave tornadodave 36-40, M 1 Answer Sep 10, 2011

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I would hope this individual would feel the guilt you're trying to deliver in this question. Wrong once done cannot be erased but you can surely try to make things right . And to try and right the situation before you are caught would be much more commendable and hopefully they can live with themselves. I use to tell my daughter it is much easier for people to remember the bad you do so therefore try not to cause it!

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...the individual I am speaking of is on this site and the profile name is a "tribute" to him - and NO - I TRULY doubt he will EVER right all the wrong he has done - it wasn't enough to gain our trust - but n to steal DIRECTLY from someone who you supposedly "loved"......

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sad... i feel bad for the little girl

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