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I would quit immediately and travel to see my friends and try to live the best I could.

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Of course I'd be quite nervous, but I don't think I'd do much changing, if at all.

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I'd take my son and go stay with my mom a while....maybe the whole time. And we'd go and do some stuff like visit the ocean. Maybe we'd take a road trip. I guess I'd be doing a lot of soul searching. And it's true that I would look at other people in a different way....hopefully it would eliminate a lot of the crud that has accumulated in my attitudes toward them, and I would see them with more appreciation and compassion.

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OMG where to begin?!?!

probably contact all the hot guys I used to work with and try to get them in bed.

tell my family how much I love them, even the ones I don't really care for that much!!!!

travel a lots of shopping at expensive dept. stores in the big cities!!

eat at every fancy, expensive restaurant I could!!!

all I can think of right now!!

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