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Yes, I think the ones they say "Your being judgmental", are very judgmental themselves.

Some have commented that everyone (I stress everyone) judges them, especially to hurt them for enjoyment. (Feelings of persecution, maybe?)

I've also noticed a lot of EPr's say they're being judged when someone disagrees with them; it's their lame way of trying to shut someone down, because they hit a nerve, and were probably right.

They want to feel sorry for themselves, or try to make the commentor feel guilty, because jugding is a sin.

Perhaps instead of saying: "Don't judge me."

They should say: "Thank you for your opinion."

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Discernment is necessary. It's not good to have impaired judgement.

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Yes when u wear ur heart on ur sleeves....when u look inward

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you're being judgmental too for asking this...

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lol....i guess so....

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