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I've tried it, it's easier to just wear goggles. If you do swim with contacts and they get wet after they sting a bit and go a bit dry.

P.S. You will NEVER find a contact in a pool. It's like a needle in a haystack X 1,000,000.

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I've lost a few that way over the years.

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they can do unfortunately. and its one hell of a ***** floudering around in a pool with one contact lense in because the other one has buggered off.

however! if your not going underwater, you will probably be ok.

orrr you could just take no chances and buy some prescription goggles. your call :)

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Especially if they are water soluable, the salt of the seater would cause them to lose their water, and then they would float off.

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In theory they could as the suction on your eye would be reduced....

as Alicia pointed out chlorinated water in a pool can damage your eye... permanently so it isn't a good idea to wear them in a pool.

Also in water there is a bacterial parasite which can infect your eye.... if your lense gets contaminated this can lead to an infection

In short lenses are not made to 'mix' with water

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I've not tried it, but if you get chlorinated water stuck under your contacts, YOUR EYES WILL BURN LIKE A MOTHER.

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they can yes......

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