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the most important thing is that the person has to want to get better if they arn't ready its a waste of time trying to help

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I recently quit smoking - i know this may not be similar, but wanted to help. I had been told by many family members and friends to quit and that they cared about my well being, but i never really cared - i love smoking and everything about it and i was happy to tell people that. anyway, i started dating a guy that told me he was going to get me to quit through positive reinforcement (like training a pup) -- initially i laughed and secretly made it my agenda to smoke more in spite of his approach .. he would tell me how good i smelled when i came out of the shower and how it made him happy to hang out with me and that he didnt want me to have to go outside by myself (he never went out with me) and be bored with my cigarrette. though i have to be honest that i have taken up "vaping" to replace the habit, it came down to me realizing how awful i smelled and how boring it was smoking by myself. these were the only two things that he ever talked about - and i think it is very important that he never told me i stunk or told me not to smoke but instead he just embellished on how great the moments were when i wasnt smoking . the other thing i would like to say is that i never told myself i coyld never have a cigarette again. i took it day to day and if i wanteod one id have one - but each time i did i felt nasty and realized i felt better about myself when i didnt have one because i was making people proud - hope this can help your approach. i think its important that you dont try to tell them not to do it or whats good or bad for them, but rather, just make them know when they are sober that you appreciate them - and dont when they are under the influence

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Quit simply by quitting those around me. I dropped everyone that supported my bad habit and those that were a direct influence. Cutting those people out of your life is hard, but it is one step toward recovery.

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First of all each person is different.... something everyone has to understand, so there are different remedies.

Second of all, the soo called modern methods of obstaining and quitting do not work for everyone.

Research in psychology and alternate programs are key in individual behavioral patterns for stopping....

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People need to understand the only person who can save them is themselves.

None of us can save others from themselves.

It's been my experience that those who are addicted lack will power to begin with, and it's willpower they'll need to stay away from their problem.

It's a shocking world which eats up people at an alarming rate, there are now far too many victims of the pressures being applied.

I blame all this for people resorting to drugs and alcohol in the first place.

I wish I could help you with something inspiring, but in reality, the person must first want to help themselves, before anyone else can.

Good luck and I wish for peace of mind for you.

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You have to want sobriety bad enough... and you have to find something new to do with your time... change the way we think, change the way we live!!

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I smoked grass, but then I just stopped buying it. Out of sight, out of mind is my motto. But I'm not sure if that works for real addictions.

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