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I would relieve all of their hatred. Quiet all minds, so that the beyond may be given voice.

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I would call Southern Cal Edison and cancel my account.

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I would use it in the manner God directed me to. God moves in our lives in mysterious ways...and we may not know what it is he wants from us... but when we reach that point he wants something, he will a) let you know in no uncertain terms and b) give you whatever means are necessary to accomplish the desired feat. Of course it is always free will and we can choose whether or not to answer the call... but God certainly will not be granting you the power to go astray from his wishes. Now Satan might... but then that wasnt the question now was it.

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God gives all men the power of understanding

and He teaches all how to use it for the supreme

purpose of loving and worshipping Him.

All miracles are only child's play or plays for


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What insane kind of "god" would grant me power? Oh wait... I can think of one, but then I would probably end up being bound to serve it and help with the destruction of humanity.

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I would use it for Truth, Justice and the American Way. In other words , don't **** me off or I remove you from power. no just kidding

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