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1) To win the lottery

A lot of people say it ruined their lives, but thats because the money changed them, apart from going out a little more often, and taking some pressure off of the job search, i dont think any amount of money would change me. And i certainly wouldn't tell anyone i won the lottery. I just would like the financial security.

2) To remain physically fit and healthy, without effort or illness, or even a good diet. (with the exception of dying of old age, i don't want to be immortal)

To clarify, but physically fit, i mean athlete fit, and my healthy, i mean all my annoying genetic crap gone, and of course good health. (genetic crap includes short sightedness, hay fever, slight allergic reaction to extreme sunlight, susceptibility to arthritis, depression, etc, but NOT my Aspergers, i dont want my mind to be effected by this one)

3) To have a perfect memory.

I am as smart as i will ever need to be, the one thing that held me back at university, besides my depression, is my poor memory, if i had a perfect memory, total recall at will, then i would have passed my degree easily. And i am sure it would come in very handy.

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Knowledge of GOD'S will

Power To heal

Family's Health / Happiness

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1. A well paying job.

2. To look like my favorite actress.

3. A house of my own.

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My health and 40 years off my age.

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Kill weabos. Kill Bronies. More pizza.

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50 billion dollars, no pain for anyone in my family and long lives for them.

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1. the winning lottery numbers

2. the uk to get out of european rule

3. to have another three bloody wishes

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