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Who? The woman who broke my heart

1) why

2) why did you pick me to hurt and not them?

3) do you think I should forgive you or would it matter?

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1. To my parents - are you proud of me?

2. To everyone on here - are you happy?

3. To myself - who am I?

because that's some deep stuff.

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IS there an actual higher power, whatever it's called, that controls all life ?

Is there anything after this life ? Even if there is no God, is our energy dispersed somehow and reabsorbed into someone yet unborn ?

Where DO the mates to socks go when you put them in the dryer ?

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a common house fly. you see and hear many things, my first quistion is, the FBI and MI6 are both very close guarded but you could easly escape detection, spend some time at each and report to me, what are they hiding? my next quistion will be to all the users of EP, why do you refuse to believe what i tell you when even if i hadn't told you, you would of worked it out yourself. my third and final quistion is for every human on the planet, why are you scared?

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1. Bush - was the 911 attack done by the US Gov.

2. RothSchild - whats it feel like to have the whole world working for you and your family.

3. Hitler's wife - why didn't you shoot him in the head while he's asleep and saved millions of lives

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GOD...What is my purpose in life?

Is there life after death?

Why must there be so much evil and pain in the world?

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Not really worth it. I like people I can ask more than three questions with honest answers. The rest I know are problems anyway.

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