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Mine would be cue music, A girl and a guy are discussing my life, and my significance born toooo be everywhere and nowhere... born in a trailer Then she went to Bolivia , and to El Salvador in the middle of a war. She lived with gypsies in Madrid She lived her life at the edge, and she was freeee freee free Girl : Let's not exaggerate her life was full... but it was boring too. Let's remember all those times she sat and watched tv and did nothinnnnng she did nothinnnnng she did NOTHINNNNNG And oooh the boys who courted her were crazy and horribleeeee.... and oooh the jobs she did were crazy It's her it s us it's her crazy life Crazy montage of people who met me and crazy experiences... Sorry I got carried away
wingeyes wingeyes 31-35, F 2 Answers May 13, 2014 in Movies & TV

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Lot of dancing and sword fights!

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I applaud your production.<br />
<br />
Mine would be off-off Broadway and would be fairly surreal.<br />
Minimal set design but elaborate costumery and ohhh,the wit.Yes,it must be wittily written and cast.And I have a fog machine.The music starts out with sublety and then builds to a lobby-shaking crecendo in the second act...look out- BOOM! booming throbulations. Stagelights down,<br />
then very clever sotto vocce whispering.<br />
<br /> is performed once,to a crowd of very very few and receives confusingly divided reviews. the landlord of the theatre never allows the troupe back on the premises.<br />
I decide to rob a bank for my next career move,which turns out quite well for myself and my cousin Chris.<br />
We donate a large sum to a wildlife refuge,who summarily agree to take in our extra performing chimpanzees.

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