I applaud your production.<br />
<br />
Mine would be off-off Broadway and would be fairly surreal.<br />
Minimal set design but elaborate costumery and ohhh,the wit.Yes,it must be wittily written and cast.And I have a fog machine.The music starts out with sublety and then builds to a lobby-shaking crecendo in the second act...look out- BOOM! booming throbulations. Stagelights down,<br />
then very clever sotto vocce whispering.<br />
<br />
...it is performed once,to a crowd of very very few and receives confusingly divided reviews. the landlord of the theatre never allows the troupe back on the premises.<br />
I decide to rob a bank for my next career move,which turns out quite well for myself and my cousin Chris.<br />
We donate a large sum to a wildlife refuge,who summarily agree to take in our extra performing chimpanzees.

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