Currently in this situation and I need some advice.
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My gf broke up with me at Hershey park one night, I couldn't believe it, but apparently she couldn't stand me, after I was getting pissed because she paid ample attention to her ex who was invited along.. I started talking to the birthday girl, who was the reason why I could come. After she had broken up with me, the birthday girl and I started to get close and hung out a couple times. The birthday girl was good friends with my ex, once she heard about all the time i was spending with her friend and when her and i hooked up, she got ridiculously jealous. I wasn't trying to make anyone jealous I just let me feelings go where they wanted. After being hurt.

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She knows what an ******* he is..

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Wish them luck and move on with your life...He's your ex for a reason...She will learn why soon enough...Hope that you find a great new BF and a better best friend...

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Live with it ,it speaks for itself , Ex.

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this happened to me and i felt terrible

i had a talk with both of them, explaining the fact that i'm feeling really bad and i can't handle seeing them together, but they didn't give a cr*p and dated for around 9 months

all that time we blocked each other on fb and ignored our presence

now it's fine, but it was horrible. my first and only depression till now

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It is a ****** situation and we hear many in this crap.

I would feel bad if I wasn't over him and in all, life goes on, we get our feelings hurt when we least expect it.

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