Let it go, Daisy, let it go Open up your fist This fallen world Doesn't hold your interest It doesn't hold your soul Daisy, let it go
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The song is sung by Switchfoot.<br />
<br />
I think that the song is about this girl, " Daisy " who feels she has to fight against the world alone. He's saying that if this sh*tty world doesn't care about you, don't bother and move on to better things.

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Switchfoot sings it. I'm not sure how to interpret it. In a way it sounds like he's telling her it's ok to just let it go and die (perhaps she has terminal cancer?). It could also be taken as a young man trying to convince his girlfriend to give up her virginity or maybe just to stop being such a worry wart. However you take it, it's an odd little tune.

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It's a dude singing and its bout the devil trying to talk into su isi de ?

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