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It depends upon where you live. If you're in the UK, this kind of surgery would not be considered cosmetic because you are physically suffering from it. Go see your doctor and have it arranged.

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post a photo,do u suffer from back pain or too much attention.

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let me bite on them. That should solve the problem

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If you're fat then lose weight(lmao sorry im being blunt, losing weight is hard as ****) but if your not fat then get it done if they're that bad or hurt you, at least you won't get called fake like people who go bigger. I'd personally be too scared to have surgery anywhere near my heart and lungs..*shivers* but if they're sagging and pulling you down then just get it done with financing. Not sure if they do that though

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Well firstly i would suggest you work out if you need the operation.

Or you want the operation.

And i`ll be honest.....If your doctor is any good...he won`t recomend you have it till you are 22 to 25. Partly because you young and young people tend to change there minds alot....And partly because you are still developing...Which meens you could have the op now.....only to find your breast grow.

So my advice is wait a year or two then see your doctor and see what they recomend.

But you must know....(in this vanity culture we live in) do you know how many woman are going under the knife to have there breasts increased to your size?

Why not be thankfull that you have been blessed with great breasts.

And if you are having problems with soreness and back pain.........

I`d suggest regular exercise....Which oddly enough....might also reduce your breast size naturally.

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Grow up and then decide.

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