It's pretty hard to explain but I found this little thing on twitter as childish as that sounds but honestly it really is a pretty accurate description of the way I feel. so I will copy and paste it:) Me at home: *Badass* *aggressively dances around with hairbrush-microphone in my underwear singing blink 182* *reveals true insanity on tumblr* Me In public: *oh god don't look at me* *please don't touch me* *don't ask me a question* *don't make eye contact* *wrists are a little provocative lets wear a jacket* *don't speak and they won't know you're there* *i just want to go home* *everyone is judging me* *are they laughing at me*
demza demza 18-21, F 3 Answers Mar 2 in Embarrassing & Funny

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The goal is to be you 24/7.<br />
It's so wonderful to know who you are and be happy with yourself.

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well now this question looks like one big jumbled mess! it didn't look like that when I wrote it I'm sorry:')

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Ha ha. Same here

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