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Greet him at the door wearing only panties - or only heels - or maybe both.

If you have kids and this won't work - wear a house coat with a surprise under it and flash him the first time it's safe, then make him wait until you are alone later. Perhaps even cooking dinner, putting the kids to bed, etc. before letting him get another peek.

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Tell us what you did!

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Send him a message, lots of inuendo. You're thinking of him....

Thinking of him is making you want him. ...

Thinking of how you want him...

Thinking of what you'll do with him...

Greet him at the door with some slightly more than normal make-up. Maybe a little more than snug top. Direct eye contact..." Hi Honey! I'm glad you're home!" When the opportunity arrises, give a very suggestive yet clear grope/brush/touch....

Act on it with his favorite sexual playtime. If he's willing and able, he'll do the same for you.

Good luck!! Let us know how it turns out?

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Make a nice dinner for him (steak). Put on some sexy panties and bra. Then when he comes in give him a scotch and a blow job. Feed him dinner, actually feed him. Then give him a massage. He should be ready to have an extended love making session with you.

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Offer him a coupon; stating you will do anything he desires for one night, day, or weekend without any expiration. Leave yourself an escape word, in case something occurs that feel is harmful to you physically or just more than you can ever handle--but promise to use the escape only as a last resort.

This will show him how much you really desire to please him and trust him to keep you safe.

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