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I worked like an animal last year; 24 hour shifts, losing a day off because someone's kid is turning one. I've dealt with whiners, hang nails which need "immediate" attention. People who swear they're dying. They're in so much pain, they just HAVE to get some morphine. And I treat them all with a smile and professional courtesy. And I still haven't received my tax return. I need funds for various important reasons. I check the mail carefully every day. And rien, nothing, nada zip. I've called everyone plus their brother. I may as well be calling the Star Wars bar for all they know. If I'm waiting due to their screw up I want interest; they are. Are there lots of people in my boat? Will we get interest or is the government too cheap? I want my tax return check NOW.
estherlolly estherlolly 41-45, F 6 Answers Apr 19, 2012

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I was wondering the same thing. NOT HOLDING MY BREATH

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Are you talking about your disability check?

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No...and no. I think...That was a chore to get to the question brain hurts.

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