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for help dial 1- 800 - choke- that - hoe

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Sure! Abstinence only misinformation doesn't work period. I'm from the "all hat no brains state" of Texas. As they keep reporting our state leads the nation in unwed teenagers with no marketable job skills. When their idea of an "education" is to show slides of a woman's skull split open with a crow bar (graphic yes), herpes on a man's face, herpes on a still born baby, etc. it's no wonder they get pregnant. Not once was birth control mentioned in the 90's when I was in high school. There was no condom demonstration, no birth control discussion - it was just you'll burn if you have a bastard kid. 5 out of 11 girls got pregnant in my class and dropped out of high school. Soooo effective. I know of two personally who had abortions but they had to leave the state for them. Texans are crazy, stupid and really religious. I wasn't born there so I'm technically not one of them.

I would go so far as to say that teenagers have no business having children period. They can't care for them, are at higher risk of complications during pregnancy, have no income, and are too immature to be a parent.

I've visited that state and all I see is a lot of trashy teenagers living in tornado ammo (trailers) with six bastards from six boyfriends. I would also say that if you treat teenagers and children like they are stupid - they won't disapoint you.

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Teenagers have to learn about condoms.

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Where is the fun in that?

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Two words: coat hanger.


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