How do I not be so angry? I'm angry because everyone--family, friends, and especially God--abandoned me and left me to die when I desperately needed someone. How could I forgive the people that were supposed to be there for me for forgetting about me and leaving me alone with misery? I feel that all of this is enough to just be angry. I don't know. I'm confused. >.<
thisbrerulezyou thisbrerulezyou 18-21, F 17 Answers Jul 24, 2012

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Do you like being angry? If not you'll find a way out. If you do, why?

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Your anger is an expression of suffering..Suffering is the pain which happens so as to effect change..Change can be very difficult..Study the reasons you feel anger..OK its "abandonment"..Anger will increase that happening..

Sometimes the fear of abandonment will ironically create the outcome of being abandoned...The first person who needs to accept you..respect there for yes you guessed it..YOU..Lead by example..

Not to be needy or reactive or too willing to please..

Step back from your feelings and observe them for what they are..

The fear is the thing you need to transcend.

Expressing it might be necessary if its a process of getting it out and getting over it..Find the right channels.

People everywhere are frustrating and disappointing at times..It also depends on how we see it..If we work out the changes we need to make,.then we can see it differently becos it will be different..We change instead of expecting the world to..

See the lessons in things..

Ultimately it is suffering which will propel us into change.

Thats why your suffering is happening..Its a sign you are at the brink of change.

Find the strength to go to the next level..Step back from things and analyse from the point of calm consideration...

What you peace. Peace of mind. Its much closer than you may realise.

Breathe,.relax, honest with yourself..Set new rules.Re-negotiate.

You can do it becos it is the quest of life to do so.....Peace:)..

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"If the solution has never been to look in yourself, how is it that you expect to find it anywhere else?"

If you want to really change, relax, let go of all that anger and move on.

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stop the anger is so negative...... you need to give out good energy to get it back.

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Maybe God knows you are strong and can look after yourself? But then I can talk the talk cuz I gets angry with God at times. Sometimes I hated him for my suffering. Anyway maybe u could go for counselling it mite help you find the answers u feel that way with everyone.

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Honey? The last person you should be mad at is our God. Lol, He's the ONLY person in reality that cannot and will never leave you or abandon you. It's hard to believe but, I am also positive that no one has ever left you in this wart also. Look at all of these replies and notice that it is only HIS grace making it happen. Anyone loves you! Even the last person on this earth you think that doesn't. Strangers, homeless person, grocery store clerks,,,, Anyone! Including me. HE will never forsake you, just take this, and everything in life as a test. NEVER LOSE YOU JOY! All tht is, is negativity ( we all know the ruler of that realm, Boo him!!! ) getting the best of you... Enjoy yourself and everything that life gives to you. Even the sad and angry moments cause its GROWTH!! Please talk to me if you like, and stay positive. KNOW THAT HE IS WORKING. It's just harder to hear him at times, especially when we're angry.

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Pshhh. He's abandoned me. I haven't heard him in years. But I'm alright now. I've got plenty of issues, but I'm going to hold myself accountable for myself. I know God's out there somewhere, but I don't need him. It's aaaaaaall up to me.

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As long as you have a good reason. I have good reasons and they come to you with age, even when you don't invite or deserve certain situations. Save your anger, you'll need it to fight the battles worth picking to fight.

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I'd think about why you are angry with each friend, family member and God and try to justify that anger. Remind yourself of all the crap you yourself have done wrong in your life and balance that against your anger.

Then think about what being angry will solve and what difference it will make. Think about the thing that made you angry vs. the person who did it and consider which is more important to you.

Then think about how much energy you are spending just thinking about being angry.

You will realize you make yourself angry and have better things to do with your time and energy.

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Never leave yourself and stay with her, like everywhere.

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