I am a homeschooled high school student. Boarding school is out of the question, but I suppose that public school is, too. I developed a true hatred for school and the pointlessness of it all last year, and have since been teaching myself. My mother fully supports me. She helps when she can, but I am in good shape. I have one friend, but he is my total best friend and all I really need in the friendship department. The thing is, I have an overactive mind, and a lot of pent up energy in the MIND department. The problem with "real" school is that it's way too stressful and I would in fact, do worse if I was in a "normal" school. So I'm homeschooled. I want to accomplish SOMETHING, and have something to work at everyday. And I don't mean schoolwork. That's different. I want something that I absolutely love to do, and I want to be able to do it everyday. But I just don't know what that is. What can I do? How can I find this?
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become an app developer.

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put some K-Y Lube Gel

in the crack of your bottom

and bend over

I'll then demonstrate

My improved version...of Boredom! :)

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research solo activities that doesn't require others and that's mentally simulating. good luck

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Become a forest ranger in the Yukon.

Seriously, though, most of us only really figured out what we like to do work-wise once we were out working. It would be helpful if you can control your antisocial side, so that you can get along with others in a workplace. Even if you choose to own your own company, you will still have some interaction, if not a lot of interaction, with others.

I would get out and work anyway. I am not the only one who has found that introversion is mitigated by regular, scheduled contact with others. It might help you in more ways than one.

Good luck.

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You're a pretty good writer. If you have an overactive imagination why not put it to work. Get up and for an hour first thing every morning write any old crap (then you have something to fix - fixing is easier than writing). You have a computer sitting there, use it. Nobody should be bored; there's too much that we have to get done.

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Start your own "antisocials who are bored" group.....

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Well I guess, try out some activities and things that interest you and you will find something that is able to hold your interest.

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That is something you have to find for yourself, if you are fortunate enough. I understand how you feel, though. I have never found a passion of my own. I wish you luck.

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