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Don't eat carbs at breakfast--less than one teaspoon (one tsp=5g carbs). If you have more than 4g carbs for breakfast then you'll have an insulin spike. Instead have 100% protein if you can manage it (most people try to eat eggs and bacon/sausage, but since I hate eggs instead I drink a low carb shake that has 30g protein and only 4g carbs).

4 hours after breakfast you can have some carbs and it shouldn't spike your insulin as much. Always, always have lots of protein and especially if you're eating carbs too.

That's what my doctor told me when he told me that I have insulin resistance. It sucks and I find it excessively difficult to follow, but I think half my problem is that I'm a picky eater.

It's also supposed to be a good method if you're trying to lose weight. If you eat carbs in the morning you'll start burning the sugar off, but if you have protein instead without carbs then your body should start burning fat throughout the day instead.

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Eat multiple (4-6) small meals a day. Cut out or way down on sugar. (no desserts, no soda - diet soda is terrible for you too.) Only eat whole grains and cut your consumption of them in half (really watch the starchy carbs: pasta, rice, potatoes, bread). Increase consumption of vegetables, both raw and lightly cooked. Make sure you are getting enough protein from meats, nuts, beans, etc. Drink lots of water.

Start or continue an exercise program. If you've been doing nothing, start with walking, stretching and general movement exercises (add light weights later.)

Move up to running, aerobics and cardio exercises, and weight training.

Keep all your doctor's appointments. Let them test your blood for Hemaglobin A1C, etc.Do some research. Learn all you can about Diabetes and preventing it's complications. (There are a lot of complications and some of them are really bad. Prevention is the best cure.)

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Eat right, keep your sugar intake low unless you want to be full blown diabetic.

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Pick one side of the border and stay there

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Maintain your weight, eat less sugar, and monitor your blood sugar.

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see a doctor and a dietician

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