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A side pic? A face? I'm not really creative. The girl who I "used" to like but never told her, came back on Facebook. She wants to see how I look now. I thought it's a nice time to change my DP cause it's almost a year old. I'm not the kind of guy who keeps old stuff. Windows 8 came out and I ran for it. EDIT: So I guess you guys don't really use the term DP. DP means Display Picture. Profile picture basically. Sorry for all the confusion.
owlcity01 owlcity01 13-15, M 6 Answers Dec 22, 2012 in Youth

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Just be real about it. Sure do your hair or whatever it is you do. Make yourself presentable as you would when you are going out, etc. But asides from that, just do you. I think most when it comes down to it respect that and value that more then if one where to come up with some brilliant idea, but yet it is not them, it is not your true style. Just be you, put it out there and if she is down for you she will accept it and like it for what it is. If not, well cheap lesson learned, you get to see a persons true colours. Substance, sincerity and class should out shine any flashy, frills or gimmicks. So yeah, just do you man.

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you're what ?

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