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Me and this girl have been friends for a while and i thought that she liked me. We talk almost everyday and have a good laugh... i've even sent her messages in the morning such as "good morning beautiful" and she responds. She'll sometimes start a conversation which is rare for her and we can pretty much talk about anything. last night we were talking and i asked if she liked the compliments, basically joking that it must be nice to have several admirers (there's a few guys that like her) and her response was that she never knew how to respond to them...was a little awkward. i'm not really good with the whole dating thing but in truth i've not seen her for 6 months due to her being away. But i still like her, what'd you think i should do? do you think there's a chance?
Iamjustsotiredofitall Iamjustsotiredofitall 22-25, M 2 Answers Apr 30, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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there is always a chance. I for one found my first love by becoming her best friend. But it took quite some time before we started dating. Be her friend and when you feel the moment is right express yourself. But I am sure you will get the talk. "I dont want to ruin what we have." My reply was. "Thn lets make it better."

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