I have a 1 month old daughter & my girlfriend.
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Go to school.

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You will need good test scores and the will to follow through on a commitment not easily broken. My sis did it at age 33 so you should be able to......should you is up to you.

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Not a bad idea, if you live in Switzerland, but if you live in almost any other country, you'll find that there are people who will want to kill you. Then, who would take care of the gf and your baby ?

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Well do you honestly believe in the cause? Have you made an informed opinion, and truly believe that you want to help make a difference, or is it just something to do?

In my opinion. Don't. There's plenty of careers out there that share the same type of activities, and don't risk your life at the same time.

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Combat trades are definately an eye opening experience

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You can get as much as 40k cash bonus for joining.

You can pick the job you want.

You can get skill training.

The Army will pay for your college while you are in active duty and perhaps even your wife.

You will have a steady paycheck, housing and utilities will be paid for and free healthcare.

You need to take care of your wife and daughter.

Do it .

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If it's the U.S Army talk to a Vet preferably one who fought in a war if thats possible.

Do Not Talk to a Recruiter !

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