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Hi. I am conducting a powerpoint presentation over someone's articles, and I will be directly using their titles to their explanations in my power-point presentation as titles. If I put on one of my slides directly, what they put on their titles, for example: You need to wash a car thoroughly, do I need to quote that on my ppt. title and also put the person's name with it? Or can I put "You need to wash your car thoroughly" and leave it like that, and then explain?
defconfigueroa defconfigueroa 22-25, M 1 Answer Dec 27, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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depends...<br /> many cases the person you are quoting is part of the message...<br />
<br /> what do you want to achieve?<br />
<br />
furthermore... will the PPT be distributer (as handouts) and is it intended to stay alive (and be distributed/reused) after the presentation (wich will lose the voice over)?<br />
<br />
..and in a scientific setting it is close to mandatory to menation the source<br />
...if not for just common courtesy...<br />
<br />
Mind you: the name of the source can be relatively small print

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The powerpoint will simply be the heading, followed by the points. The heading will be the same as the articles' headings on how to do something. That's what I mean. Will the headings, being the same as the articles' be in conflict with citing?

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