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Hey take a short nap. Maybe 10 minutes, wake up, eat something good and drink water, cram a bit of five minute studyings even while you walk or whatever to College. And try to smile it sends positive vibes through your system.

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I can sympathize, but skipping class becomes a habit.

I know because I got into that habit in college when I was going through a hard time. Big mistake.

You (or someone) paid for college. It's like a job.

Take the long way to class. Take a little walk or pick up something to drink or whatever.

But, unless you are sick, go.

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Absolutely. Studies that I've read indicate that just being in class, whether a person is really paying attention or not still teach students. There have been many classes that I've dreaded in my academic career, one of which (an intensive analytical course) was so terrible that I actually used to go to class crying because it was so incomprehensible to me.... but I made it through, and, oddly enough, it's one of the things that I need to do in my business now.

Think of school as a job. If you were working in the 'real' world, it wouldn't matter how you felt... You'd still have to show up... and not to mention that, you just never know who you'll meet there, what will happen, or what information you may find extraordinarily interesting.

Give yourself a chance. Brave people aren't the ones who aren't afraid or 'up'... They're the ones who just do it anyway.

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if all you are doing is sitting there, you may as well go- better than sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself!

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go to a mirror and slap ur face twise and tell ur self to focus and not to mess up ur future!!

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I wish it was that easy...

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u cant do it ! then get someone to do it for you !! :P

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