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tell him u like his butox

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ill be completely honest i have a gay friend we hang out all the time he even stays over my house some times. but if he ever made a move on me i would knock his teeth in and im serious. id be cautious about it. some people got a serious disposition to the whole idea of homosexuality it might be best to stick with openly gay people.

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Dickens ******

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Hey! yur mouth hmore!

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it's a risk, Gamer4evar,

but if you wanna do it

.................................... then just talk to him.

have you worked out what you're gonna do if he rejects you?

...............and if he talks about you?

make sure that you feel strong enough to deal with these before you ask,

you are young

................... many opportunities are yet to come.

respect, from robbie

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Well, if you never say anything, you will never know. And not knowing can drive you insane.

Why not just talk as a friend? Get to know him if you can, just chat about anything and everything. I am sure, if you get to know him in general, then his sexuality will be revealed at some point

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WOW i actually assumed it was going to be this song. sir you just made my night.

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