The USA is the country I'm driving across.
Hermey Hermey 36-40, M 15 Answers Oct 2, 2012 in Health

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Make sure your car and tires are in tip top condition. Download the gasbuddy app to your smartphone. It will give you directions and gas prices no matter where you are.

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don't have a smart phone, but the other ideas are good. Thanks.

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Lots to see. I'm eclectic, so tend to want to check out a lot of different things. My guess is that you would be taking The Master Road, I-80, with not many side trips.

Start out by reading John McPhee's opus, Annals of the Former World. That is the terrain you will be crossing.

Along the way:

- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland OH) amazing

- Chicago (IL)! Spend a couple of days. Frank Lloyd Write studio in Oak Park.

- A diversion to Milwaukee (WI) for the Harley Davidson Museum

- Starved Rock State Park (IL) worth stretching your legs here.

- SAC Museum, (Ashland NB) the cold-war revisited.

- Great Platte River Road Monument (Kearney NB) worth a look-see.

- Laramie (WY) university town with the big T-rex.

- Keg Saloon (Rawlins WY) check out the mural.

- Crossing the Uinta and Wasatch ranges. Stop anywhere and be amazed.

- Salt Lake City (UT) - a book of Mormon in every room.

- Thunder Mountain Park (NV) the heat drives them crazy in that state.

- Donner Party Monument (CA) ponder why people are called "long pig"

- Jelly Belly factory (Fairfield CA) yum

- Diversion, Napa Valley (CA) wine. (MI has better Rieslings though)

- Berkeley (CA) Hey, at least have a meal as Chez Panisse.

- San Francisco (CA) what's not to like go to City Lights, enjoy Chinatown.

- Alcatraz (CA) worth the tour.

- Muir Woods (N of San Francisco) enormous trees will leave you gaping.

- Point Reyes National Seashore - amazing, especially the fault zone.

And much more.

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Drive to Canada, the women here are SOO EASY, you could get any woman you want, one day, no problem.

Ps. I hope you have good health insurance.

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I never heard that about Canada. Very interesting.

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Ha!! That's a pretty broad judgement....don't believe it, Hermey...

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I wasted my opportunities. I was too concerned with getting from one coast to the other as quickly as possible. OK you ready? Be prepared to drive you sock off. San Diego, Vegas, Mt Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Little Big Horn, Alamo, New Orleans, St. Louis, Indianapolis Motor Sports museum, Henry Ford Museum, Daytona USA, Charlotte Racing Museum, Patton Museum, Lincoln'c bitrhplace, WashitonDC: Air and Space museum, Museun of Natural History, Ford's Theater, Peterson House, Library of Congress, Washington War Memorials, Lincoln's monument, Arlington Cemetary, Bull Run Battlefield, Antietum Battelfield, Wright-Patterson AFB, Hershey, PA, Gettysburg, Independence Hall Philadelphia, Boston. Enjoy the trip. It may take a few months.

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Michigan is beautiful this time of year.

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I've heard Detroit is beautiful in every season.

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Its stunning, and I will give you a personal tour.

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I want to see the decrepit buildings and feral dogs.

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Done and done.

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excellent. Thanks!

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your GPS

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