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I would ask a travel agent for advice... or do some research on the internet.

I have never been, but I hope you have a great time!

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Eat at Garfunkles, it is good food

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The Tate Gallery, The Victoria & Albert, a general sightseeing tour

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Nandos is good for one visit. Its a chain, so look for a well-reviewed one (google)

Its piripiri chicken with rice/fries: very simple fare and reasonably priced

Ask, Zizzi, Strada, Prezzo: Italian chains, google for good ones

Las Iguanas for Latin (not bad chain)

La Tasca (Spanish tapas and paella chain)

Relais de Venise (theres a website) excellent French entrecote steak, a bit pricey, WEEKDAYS only and dress smartish (all the bankers eat there after work)

Chinatown: some good, most bad

Brick Lane (for curries): most aren't that good

Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish and Lebanese cuisine tend to be good (my asian and middle eastern friends say)


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Well, if I were going... I'd be planning to spend some time at Candy Bar... and the Oak Bar... maybe at Blush... Thirst... lots of nice places.... wink wink

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