I'm dating an old friend of mine. We've been in high school together for 3 years ,really had awesome memories now we're in collage together. He is an awesome guy but being in a relationship with him is weird. It feels like he forgets that hes with me . I know this is lame because we've been together for only a week but still doesn't every girl on planet earth deserve a cute good morning text, or smth like that he never texts me nor calls me we go out much but we only talk about school stuff tests and so!? Maybe I'm just freaking out because we really have been good friends for way to long and this change is a bit I'm not sure how to put this out AWKWARD or DISTURBING I dont really know I'm having this weird mixed head right now , I just wanna be treated as a girlfriend not a good old friend. Would I sound very attached or weird if I tell him my needs of attention ?
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It is very hard to break out of that habit of being friends. Just like it is tough for boyfriend / girlfriend to be good friends after. Yes it happens but it is tough. If you are looking for that new excitement of having a new boyfriend, you won't get it because you know each other too well. The excitement comes from not knowing what will happen next.

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It sounds like he's basically carrying on much as he did when you were friends...? Not that surprising, really: all the cute, lovey stuff tends to happen right at the beginning of the relationship and then tails off. You've kind of skipped that part. So it doesn't mean he doesn't care about you, just that switching from being friends to dating is a little odd after all this time.

Bottom line: no, you wouldn't sound weird, and he'd probably make an effort if you asked him to and made him aware of how you feel. He genuinely probably hasn't thought about it that way.

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I think it might help to put the right perspective on things if you get your feelings out into the open - whatever the result it will clear the air and let you both move forward - together or alone - hope this makes sense for you ?

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It seems weird and overly-attached because it IS....

New relationship or old friends, doesn't matter - you're boyfriend and girlfriend, that doesn't mean he has to mandatorily text or call you any certain number of times a day.

Not sure why you think every girl on the planet deserves that, in my opinion that would chase me away - I don't want some guy who is so obsessed with me he has to be in contact constantly. I want to know he's just fine without me sometimes too.

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i think u shoud listen to ur instincts and tell him...he's still treating u like just a friend...he needs to step it up in the romance dept.

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