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You go a head and take a chance brother life is short plus if u tell her it might save her from dating the wrong man so u can be her knight take a chance u wont loose all gain man speak with Love always

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I think she probably knows, it is hard to hide these kinds of feelings between friends....

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Telling her WILL change her perspective of you immediately. If she is "happy" being your friend, you are happy being her friend, I would let your actions and words show her how you feel about her. When a male friend told me that he was attracted to me as "more than friends", it put me off...I was NOT interested in anything "more than friendship" and I realized that I would be leading him on to continue the friendship.

Some things for you to think about...good luck with this!!

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Say it with a card. Hallmark will tell her for you. :O)

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try it mate, i lost my chance a long time ago. even if she doesnt love you back, time will help ok? you got my thumbs up to try

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I know what you mean - one does not want to loose such friendship. But the best relationships are based upon good friendship.

Send her some flowers asking to take her on the town, see or ask her if she's ready to take it to the next level. or better yet follow the less corny suggestions of the others who answered this.

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Maybe she feels the same way and is scarted to loose u if you knew how she felt.

You seem like such a nice guy the chances are high that she feels the same way.

Does she date other guys?

What reaction would she or does she have if you were to go out on a date.

Those two questions give u a clue

I wish you happiness and joy and hope it all works out for u.

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Is your reluctance is a fear that the great friendship won't survive telling her?

You'll never know what possible joys could have been if you don't explore the possibilities. A good friend who doesn't want to go deeper would be flattered and hopefully appreciate your going out on a limb.

If you put it the right way I don't see how she would object.

Invite her out to dinner somewhere that there is a picturesque place to walk or sit outside after. Somewhere public but private so she's not cornered. Botanic gardens? Zoo? Let her know that you are fascinated by her, enjoy her company and wonder If she would allow you to get to know her better?

If she's puzzled you might have to be explicit, "I'd like to kiss you" might be an opening.

How would you feel about going on a real date? Might be another.

I risked and won - my best female friend became my wife. Other women seemed to have no trouble saying "thanks but no thanks" that was a little embarrassing for a short while but I then knew where I stood.

Faint heart never won fair lady.

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it's better to talk about it than to feel conflicted. things will change immediately, in one direction or another.

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Just know, if you tell he and she doesn't feel the same way then things will change and possibly the friendship will be lost.

Just saying, as a female who has been in this situation way too many times, it totally sucks to try and have an easy friendship with a guy and then he says he has feelings for me or hits on me. Things get awkward, I get irritated and inevitably I pull away and it sucks to lose a friend.

If she hasn't given you obvious clues, stay in your place, the friend zone.

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but what are the obvious clues??
She asks me advice on everything? Is in constant contact with me? Hugs me everytime we she each other? Has a special place where we go for meals that she say is our secret place? Asked to spend the anniversary of her dads death with me? Is flirty in her text messages to me, but maybe she is like that with everyone?

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Sounds very positive. She would likely be understanding if you mis-interpreted her flirts if she didn't want more. When she hugs you next time say" I'll give you 5 min to stop that ;-)"

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Well this is my confusion - she does ask advice about other guys, but then also says things like, for example - if he was even 10% like you i'd be happy....
as for flirtatious messages - she says things like "i miss you xxx", after I made a joke about being random - she said "it might have raised a smile ;)" - I made a comment in a conversation about becoming her PA, making her coffee's and fetching lunch, so she replied "give me head rubs, and tell me everything will be ok?" - and the old classic "i'm scared of losing you when you meet someone"....

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So, ask her during conversation to describe her ideal guy physically, if she describes you then say, "then why don't you just date me" and see her reaction. If she doesn't describe you, then hint hint, she's not into you.

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i'd step it up a notch & act like it........before i say it.........old sayin, actions speak louder than words, eh?

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Tell her, be honest and opened

I am in your situation aswell I really like him and have feelings for him and I am stuck

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if you don't, she will stay only that

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Perhaps it may be a moot point as it is a year old. But incase you havent. I can relate more than you know.

I met her over five years ago. We work together and I have loved, admired, respected, and been intrigued by her since I met her. Since that time, we also have become best friends, we tell each other everything. She had no idea how I felt. She has been in the same relationship for 4 years, and they live together. 4 months ago she told me she bought a ring...thats right, SHE bought a ring...shes in a lesbian relationship with a woman and she is getting married....Yes I love my engaged, lesbian, best friend...funny, know. She has and would be with a man though. To save the details I was in the same position, to tell her and maybe lose my best friend and the only one I ever trusted, or watch the one I love marry someone else.

I after several failed attempts to tell her face to face, spent several weeks writing and re-writing a letter. I told her how I felt, but what ever she decided I would be behind her no matter what she decides, and cant lose her friendship. I gave it to her...she was shocked. Without getting too personal, she is still engaged, but we are still friends, closer now I think. Now she knows how much she means to me and its easier to be natural around her and let her know my true feelings. I just give her simple gifts every now and again, just to remind her, but nothing over the top, just a flower, or simple note. The only catch is her fiance found out...(not recommended).

If your truly close, she will appreciate your honesty, and even if it doesnt workout as more than friends, you may become even closer. Its hard I know, she is still engaged, and now I probably cant go to my best friends wedding because of her partner, but we are super close now, and its a relief.

But, you must be prepared and know, it may go badly, and she may be angry...its a big decision, but I think its how you say it that matters....make sure she knows no matter what your there for her, and you need her in your life one way or the other. If you do do honest...and tell her everything.

"meeting you and getting to know you was the best decision I ever made, but I'm hoping that it will become the second best, and hoping this letter will not become the worst"

If you've already done it...sorry for the rant...

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worst case scenario....she will be so mad at you......only that & since you two are best friends that can be solved easily

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Awh. Tell her.

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Um i cant answer thr question because im in the same situation... She has a boyfriend but we r close friends and hang out as much as we can at school.. I notice in the halls she always glances at me and i do the same but in the past tht always ment nothing any tips to help because i really wnt her :(

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Bro I am too. I know the risk but I'm starting to think you should just be open about how you feel. Don't give a **** about what others say or do, just listen to yourself.

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