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Im indian man, who is living with sexLess life with wife; Would like to make her sleep with some one direct or indirect. I know its not easy specialy indian woman and she is not open type atall, even she dont like to wear cloths that can show her body. I want to make her, to feel how it is the natural feeling that everyone have with in us. even I feel some how let some one feel her, while she sleep and any Idea please.
bhagu29 bhagu29 31-35, M 2 Answers Jun 15, 2011

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If she is not sleeping with you what make's you think she will do some one else .Unless she all ready is

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I'm all for sexual freedom but if she isn't having sex with you, I think it will be very difficult if not impossible to get her to have sex with someone else. She first needs to feel that natural closeness with you and feel safe to explore that part of herself with you and learn to trust you while doing so. Sounds like you could be years away from watching her with someone else.

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